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Connecting Kids to Christ

We tap into the way kids are naturally wired by engaging them with awesome music, fun games, and age appropriate Bible teaching. We help them discover that God Made Them, God Loves Them and wants to be their Forever Friend. We explore how we are an active part of a life long adventure with Jesus. We empower kids to trust God, experience him in their daily lives, and share him with others.

Family Partnership & Resources

We know that there is no greater voice in a child’s life than that which comes from the home. The heart of Adventureland is to come alongside you to support your child’s journey with Jesus.

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We want to make everyone feel welcome as they come through our doors – including children and adults with differing abilities, and their families and caregivers. Access is the way we at Oak Pointe Milford talk about providing accessibility support and services to individuals with disabilities, special needs, conditions, and those needing various accommodations in our church community.


We need your help! Sign up to help kids power up on God’s word, get to know Jesus and have loads of fun! Don’t just show up at church. Show up in a kid’s life. They’re worth it!


Want more information? Contact Kelly! P: 248.685.3560 E: kelly@opcmilford.org